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Here on the Joe Rizza Acura website, you can browse detailed information about new Acura cars and SUVs, from complete overviews of each model, to in-depth comparisons to see how Acura stacks up against the competition. However, we know some of you still prefer the look and maybe more importantly, the “feel” of turning the glossy pages of a printed brochure. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course – as we still offer printed brochures both in-store and through the mail.

To request a brochure, simply click the “Request Brochure” button below and let us know which model or models you’re interested in. You can also download PDF versions of those same brochures on this very page. Some models have a full brochure, while others offer a more condensed “fact sheet” brochure.

Download Acura Brochures