What Happens if I don’t get Car Insurance?

June 15th, 2018 by

Car insurance is a requirement in the United States and many other countries across the globe. Having insurance on one’s vehicle is not only necessary while one is driving, but often,  when a person goes to the car dealership in Orland Park they will most likely be required to show proof of driver’s insurance when purchasing their vehicle.

Apart from it being the law, individuals should seriously consider getting car insurance because of the many benefits it brings. The biggest advantage of being insured is that individuals get the guarantee that someone will have their back in the case of an accident. While one is paying the insurance on a monthly basis it may feel like an unnecessary expense. However, the reality is that it is really beneficial to be insured when a driver finds themselves in a tough situation.

When one gets into an accident and they need to have the damages covered, then that’s when all those monthly payments really come in handy.

If a person decides they are above the law and they decide to drive without insurance, they can suffer many different penalties. First of all, depending on the state one lives in, drivers can be fined for a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

Not only is there a large fine, but individuals can also be penalized by the police if they get pulled over when they are driving without insurance. When a police officer pulls a driver over and finds out they are not insured, the first thing a person can expect is a ticket. Apart from giving the ticket, police officers can take further action and have the driver’s vehicle immediately taken away. In many states, drivers can even have their license suspended until they provide proof of insurance.

All in all, it is simply much wiser to have insurance on one’s vehicle. It may be hard to take out the extra money every month and pay for the insurance, but this is something that not only is a requirement by law, but it will also help one tremendously when they get into an accident. Getting into an accident is a highly stressful time already. A person may be suffering from serious injuries and other problems, the last thing they need to worry about is the financial implications which crashes bring

Insurance is a great backup plan for when an individual totals their vehicle or if their vehicle gets severely damaged. Making monthly payments doesn’t seem like such a big deal when there are many benefits involved with being an insured driver.