Acura Oil Change Service

Changing the oil in your vehicle is absolutely one of the most vital maintenance procedures there is. Engine oil protects the engine internals from heat and friction, but it breaks down over time, and the results can completely destroy your engine if ignored. But not to worry, an oil change is also one of the quickest, easiest, and cheapest maintenance procedures for vehicles. Your Acura vehicle comes with a schedule for regular oil changes, and Joe Rizza Acura is here to help you stick to the schedule and keep your vehicle running like new for many years to come.

Acura Oil Change

When Is The Right Time To Change My Oil?

The days when all vehicles were basically on the same oil change schedule are long gone. Improved engineering and more durable oil blends have doubled or tripled the time you can go between oil changes. This is great, but it does mean that you can no longer just assume what your vehicle’s oil change intervals are. So, the only way to be sure that you’re properly maintaining your vehicle is to go by the schedule set out in the owner’s manual. If there are other factors to consider, such as driving style, this will be listed in the manual as well.

You also have the option of consulting the friendly and knowledgeable service team at Joe Rizza Acura if you have any questions about oil change intervals or any other service matter.

Tips for Identifying an Engine Oil-Related Issue

While they aren’t so common these days, especially on newer vehicles, it is still possible to experience some kind of an issue with your engine oil, and in these situations, it is vital to know what you look for.

Acura Oil Change

Oil Spots Beneath Your Vehicle

The first indicator that there is a problem relating to your vehicle’s engine oil is often a few spots of oil on the ground where you regularly park. A few spots might not seem like a big deal, but once a leak has started, it can get much worse very quickly, and without warning. Drain plugs, oil pan gaskets, and valve cover gaskets are frequently the point of origin for these leaks, and are generally fairly simple repairs if caught in time.

Acura Oil Change

Oil Warning / Low Oil Pressure Light

Dashboard lights and warnings are generally your indicator that you have a much more serious problem. These generally indicate either a low oil level or low oil pressure, and neither one is good. Running the engine without adequate lubrication can cause very serious damage very quickly, and we recommend shutting it off and contacting the service department at Joe Rizza Acura immediately.

Acura Engine Oil

Why Have Your Oil Changed at Joe Rizza Acura?

As we mentioned before, oil changes aren’t quite as simple as they used to be. Intervals are different, and a wider variety of oil blends are used. Taking your Acura vehicle to an independent shop could mean that they won’t know which oil to use, or that they won’t have it in stock. There’s also no guarantee that they’ll carry genuine OEM oil filters, and you might get stuck with an inferior generic part. These aren’t things you have to worry about with the Acura professionals at Joe Rizza Acura, schedule an appointment today!