AcuraLink Overview: Subscription Cost, Packages, Apps

AcuraLink is an all-inclusive navigational and connectivity experience that brings your Acura online and syncs it with cloud-based services. You’ll enjoy music streaming, podcasts, email, and news updates from your compatible smartphone along with seamless access inside your Acura. A range of services including a personal concierge, emergency roadside assistance, remote access, and real-time traffic information is provided by four individual AcuraLink packages. In exciting news, all 2023 Acura models now come standard with 3 years of complimentary access to AcuraLink services including both Security & Remote Packages. Our team at Joe Rizza Acura has assembled this quick reference guide that provides you with a breakdown of each AcuraLink package including the key features from each.

AcuraLink Pricing

Basic Complimentary
Security 3 Years Complimentary Access (2023 and Newer Models)
6-Month Trial (2022 and Older Models)
$89/year after complimentary trial
Remote 3 Years Complimentary Access (2023 and Newer Models)
6-Month Trial (2022 and Older Models)
$110/year after complimentary trial
Concierge (includes Remote Package) 6-Month Trial
$260/year after complimentary trial

AcuraLink Packages & Features

AcuraLink Satellite Navigation System


Thanks to the added convenience of the Basic package, you’ll be able to effortlessly access information inside of your Acura. This means you can get 24/7 roadside assistance, schedule service visits, and much more.

AcuraLink Remote


Thanks to the added functionalities of the Acura remote, you’ll be able to effortlessly start your vehicle as well as track and recover it if stolen.

Owner’s Guides

Receive important alerts related warning lamps, maintenance codes, and a digital version of your owner’s manual.

Recall Notification

Your safety is our utmost concern. Receive notifications on your smartphone when there are active recalls for your vehicle.

Schedule Service

Keep your Acura running at peak performance when you use the app to schedule service.

Roadside Assistance

Get 24/7 assistance for towing services, jump-starting, tire changes, fuel delivery, and more. Available throughout the new vehicle warranty term.


Track your mileage, fuel range, and oil life right from your app.

Vehicle Health Report

Stay informed and prepared with monthly reports of your vehicle’s status sent to your inbox.

Send Destination

Search and send a location from your app to your Acura navigation system. (In-Vehicle Navigation System Required)

Last Mile

Get walking directions to your final destination right when you step out of your Acura.

Remote Start & Stop

Pre-heat or pre-cool your car so it’s always at the perfect temperature when you hit the road.

Security Alarm Alert

Get alerts once your vehicle security alarm is triggered.

Amazon Alexa Skill

Should you vehicle be stolen, your vehicle will help local authorities track and recover it.

Remote Lock & Unlock

Remotely lock or unlock the doors of the vehicle using the app.

Find My Car

You’ll never forget where you parked your vehicle again. Right from the app, you can view your vehicle’s exact location.

Geofence Alert

Set boundaries and receive an alert each time your vehicle enters or leaves a specific area.

Speed Alert

Get a notification each time your Acura vehicle exceeds a specific speed limit set by you.

Destination by Voice

Speak to an IVR system to search for destinations and receive directions on your in-vehicle navigation system.

Stolen Vehicle Locator

Your vehicle can help authorities find its location in the event that it’s been stolen.



Experience both peace of mind and confidence with the Security package. You’ll get access to features that provide a helping hand when you need it, from roadside assistance to clearing your navigation data from your app.

Automatic Collision Notification

Following a detected collision, a live agent will contact you in order to check on your wellbeing.

Emergency Call

If you need help, the live agent will call for emergency assistance and will remain on the call until help arrives.

Personal Data Wipe

Direct from the app, can you revert to the factory default settings for both your navigation and audio systems.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance

Get towing and repair services by pressing the LINK button in your Acura.


Enjoy an entirely new level of convenience by speaking with a dedicated concierge that’s able to help with making and confirming reservations directly from your Acura vehicle.

Includes all features of the Remote Package plus:

Personal Concierge

Your personal concierge can help you make airline, restaurant, or hotel reservations and then send a confirmation message to your navigation system inside of your Acura.


AcuraLink Apps

AcuraLink Apps

Making it simple to connect to your Acura vehicle, each free app provides a different level of connectivity between your Acura and your iOS or Android device.

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