Key Features of an Acura RLX

August 22nd, 2018 by

If you are in the market for a stylish car that offers a little more bang for your buck, it is hard to go wrong in achieving that with at Acura RLX. Acura really outdid themselves with this one, and people are really starting to recognize it as a standout option in its class.

Acuras overall offer just about everything you can expect to receive from similar models, but it wraps it in a beautiful package and pumps it full of some significant new advancements. Some of the key things to know about the Acura RLX are:

Restyling: Acura went all out with the design of this vehicle, making it feel distinct amongst its other offerings. The look is eye-catching, to say the least.

Better Engine: The RLX is a sport hybrid, meaning it comes packed with a 3.5L v6 engine and three electric motors at 377 hp.

Safety: It comes jam-packed with advanced safety features like assist programs and traffic systems.

Color Options: RLX keeps up with new trends and gives excellent color options like “Brilliant Red Metallic” and “Majestic Black Pearl.”

On top of all this, you can expect some other significant benefits to your new Acura RLX.

Sports Hybrid Technology

The base model is fitted with a tremendous 3.5L V6 310 hp engine, and it does utilize the sports hybrid technology with the upgraded package. Acura claims this is the best performing sedan it’s ever made in history, and it is hard to argue that point.

Overall Improved Acceleration

Unlike other Acura cars, who have sometimes been criticized for acceleration, the RLX picks itself right up and goes quickly, making it on par with its competitors, if not beating them all together. This is due to a complete revamp of the mechanical components that power the car.

Overall, you can expect to get an above average machine for the price point if you choose to invest in a sports hybrid vehicle such as the Acura RLX. It provides just about anyone with the means to enjoy their car while still maintaining a reasonable budget.

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