Acura NSX Is Designed With Beauty and Purpose

March 11th, 2019 by

There are vehicles that are just okay, and there are vehicles that go above and beyond, and the Acura NSX is the very definition of exceptional. Every inch, from the headlights to the tailpipes, was designed with a level of skill that is not seen in the vast majority of vehicles out there.

Each component of the vehicle is not only beautiful but fills a very important role as well. The exterior design work allows the NSX to have a rear downforce that is three times as much as the front downforce, creating a vehicle that can effortlessly cut through the air.

The model uses additional methods to make it even more aerodynamic than the vast majority of its competitors. The strategically designed vents and bodywork of the NSX allow it to actually suck the air in and provide efficient cooling to the front and rear power unit components, brakes, and other vehicle systems as part of its incredible Total Airflow Management feature.

The cabin of the vehicle also brings the exact same level of high quality that is demonstrated on the exterior. Even simple things such as the steering wheel have been infused with precision design to provide an added look and feel. The unique racing shape of the wheel provides an unobstructed view above and plenty of legroom below. It also has slight finger indents molded in the leather wrap to provide that next level of grip while winding around each and every corner.

The strategic minds behind the NSX even made sure to place the sound system in an optimal location to create a clearly superior sound. With multiple precisely placed speakers and a subwoofer, you will be able to hear your music like you are right in the studio with the band.

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