Why Choose a Sedan Over an SUV?

August 22nd, 2018 by

A sedan has been the most popular type of vehicle among drivers for decades. Despite the huge influx of SUVs and crossovers flooding the market over the last few years, the popularity of a sedan doesn’t appear like diminishing any time soon.

But why are sedans the best choice among the majority of drivers? Why, if you ask an adult to draw a car, would at least 90% draw one in the sedan space. There are many reasons, but we’ve listed the main five here.


Pound-for-pound, a sedan offers better value than an SUV or a crossover. When comparing vehicles offering the same power, you’ll get a far better price for a sedan. The superior fuel economy compared to heavier cars will add up to even bigger savings over the lifespan or your vehicle ownership.


Yes, it’s true that the sheer weight of a massive vehicle like an SUV will mean it’s likely to fare better in a head-on collision with a sedan. But the shape of a sedan means it’s less likely to be in an incident like that in the first place.

The lower ride height means the majority of the weight is closer to the ground in a sedan. This lower center of gravity allows for more reliable cornering. There’s no swerving that upsets the balance of a sedan, where SUV drivers have to be a lot more careful taking corners, for fear of rolling their vehicle. This fact alone makes sedans a more enjoyable drive than larger alternatives.


As well as better handling, sedans will typically offer better acceleration, top speed, and braking. The lower weight means the vehicle is easier to move. There’s usually a better range of options when it comes to engines too, so you can choose whatever suits your needs best.

So, why Choose an Acura TLX?

There are plenty of manufacturers offering various versions of a Sedan, but there are few vehicles that offer the advantages explained in such abundance as the TLX. It’s frequently described as a ‘luxury Sedan’ because its specifications are among the best a Sedan can offer.

You can find lesser-performing cars for a lower price, but if you’re an all-or-nothing type motorist, the TLX will be right up your street.

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