What Has Made The Classic Acura NSX Such A Great Investment?

November 20th, 2018 by

Jonathan Klinger, an analyst for Hagerty.com, reflects fondly on the Acura NSX’s 1989 debut, and how many people were considering it the finest sports car ever produced by an Asian brand:

“It was looked at as a fantastic car, relative to what you could buy it for, and it’s hard to argue with Honda reliability. You never really hear anyone critique them, other than that they’re way too underappreciated. And they’re a pure driver’s car—so fun to drive. Acura fans would argue it’s a better car than a Ferrari.” Interestingly, while the classic NSX never did have a huge circulation, it was quite a bit more than a lot of other similar collectible cars, never peaking over 2,000 a year. However, for a lot of cars, this means that the classic NSX now has new life as a rarity for car collections, and that reflects in what a great investment it has become.

For example, in 2014, you could buy a mint-condition 1991 NSX for $42,700. Fast forward a few years, and the average for the same price has almost doubled. You’d be hard-pressed to say that about any other car. At this point, Klinger explains, it’s starting to get into Ferrari territory, which may mean a slight drop in value for the future. For now, though, if you happen to have one, it may be worth going to auction.

The classic Acura NSX has done a lot to accrue in value over the years, but the modern models are every bit as appealing when it comes to having a great vehicle to drive. So, if you’re interested in picking up an Acura NSX and live in the Chicago area, make sure that you visit Joe Rizza Acura as your dealership of choice. Based in Orland Park, we work to provide our customers with a complete automotive experience. On top of our skilled staff helping you find the car you want, we also can help you after the purchase with maintenance and parts.

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