What Can You Expect From The Latest Acura NSX?

November 20th, 2018 by

The Acura NSX is an interesting take on the conventional supercar, combining a hybrid powertrain that gets 573 horsepower along with the same roomy cabin that has made the car popular since the 1990s. So, two years into the current run of the NSX, it looks like Acura is trying to not make any major changes for the 2019 offerings. Here’s a look over of some of the changes that the carmaker is making for the upcoming model.

Two changes that are notable for this model year are color-based, and while paint may not be what changes your opinion on a car, it is likely to be the first change that you notice. One change is the addition of a bright new Thermal Orange Pearl paint option that is sure to catch anyone’s attention out on the road. This is a bit of a throwback to the classic orange colors that Acura’s race cars have had for years. Some more subtle changes are orange colors for their brake calipers, but only for carbon-ceramic brake rotors. The standard iron rotors have red as an option though.

The chassis is where some of the more serious changes to the NSX are going on, with the suspension working with a new tire, Continental’s SportContact 6 tires. In addition, the anti-roll bars and rear-toe-control link bushings are stiffing, promising a new tier of handling for those who pick the car up.

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