The Acura MDX: The Right Choice

August 22nd, 2018 by

As the head of a large family, you make tough decisions every day. They might be which foods are most nutritious to keep your family going strong. You might have to decide which activities to limit the kids to, since there are only so many hours in the day and only so many parents to go around. You agonize over every choice you make because you love your family and want only the best for them.

One choice you’ll never question is the purchase of an Acura MDX. Your peace of mind is guaranteed due to safety features like the patented Lane Keeping Assist System that are included. This feature uses a forward-facing camera above the rear view to keep your MDX centered in the lane that is currently detected. If you start to drift to another lane, the vehicle will alert you and safely guide you back. A safety feature like one is essential for those long trips where one’s mind can start to wander.

And just because you have a large family doesn’t mean you have to drive a dowdy minivan. Leather seats and second-row Captain chairs will have you and your passengers riding in style. A premium entertainment system wards off the boredom that can inevitably set in on long trips. Prime Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play your favorite songs, podcasts, or music streaming services. The MDX is equipped with surround sound speakers for crisp, studio-quality sound. And did we mention the second row becomes a mini movie theater? You’ll enjoy sun shades and wireless headphone access to HDMI devices and even your X-Box. There’s even a split screen function to minimize arguments between the kids.

You’ll never regret a moment you spend in your Acura MDX. And your family will love every minute of it too.

Learn more about the Acura MDX by contacting Joe Rizza Acura in Orland Park, IL. Or call 800-952-7697 to talk to one of our sales staff or to set up a test drive.

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