The Acura ILX Offers an Extensive Collection of Convenience Features

March 11th, 2019 by

When looking for a new luxury vehicle, drivers will often have a number of high expectations, especially when it comes to convenience features. This is because luxury vehicles have accumulated a reputation filled with power, innovation and finesse. Not all luxury vehicles meet these expectations, but the Acura ILX does. This swift sedan is more than just a powerhouse. The Acura ILX is also an extremely convenient vehicle to drive.

One of the most notable convenience features in the Acura ILX is the power moon roof. Not to be confused with a sunroof, which is a panel that can be removed, a moon roof has a sliding piece of tinted glass. The power moon roof can make the interior of the Acura ILX feel spacious and bright.

Another great convenience feature that one can find in the Acura ILX is the illuminated entry. This useful feature turns the vehicle’s interior lights on as soon as the driver or one of the passengers enters. This makes it easy for someone to quickly grab an item that they forgot in the Acura ILX.

The Acura ILX is filled with surprises. One of the biggest surprises is the proximity keyless entry. This useful feature unlocks the vehicle when the driver is within a close distance. Drivers will no longer have to scramble for their keys to open the doors of the Acura ILX.

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