The Acura ILX Has a Bold Interior

November 20th, 2018 by

When purchasing a new vehicle, the soon-to-be new owner will often have a mental image of what they want the interior of the vehicle to look like. This mental image is the standard of what they want to drive. The Acura ILX meets that standard and exceeds it.

The Acura ILX has a sleek leather interior with metal-look inserts in the instrument panel and console. There are also a number of metal-look and chrome accents tastefully placed around the interior of the vehicle. The ILX also features a leather steering wheel and gear shift knob, giving it a professional atmosphere. There is also carpet trim on the floor, the trunk, and the rear cargo door.

The Acura ILX features a number of technological gadgets. The vehicle comes equipped with a HomeLink garage door system, a systems monitor, and a tracker system. There are also a number of lights placed around the vehicle, including in the locking glove box. It’s hard to forget about the fade-to-off interior lighting. This will help your eyes adjust throughout the day.

Aside from all of the fancier aspects of the interior, the ILX also features all of the bare necessities that are needed in a vehicle. This includes a cupholder, a center armrest, driver footrest, and a seat belt storage pocket. All of these aspects add to the experience of driving the Acura ILX.

Regardless of the location, the Acura ILX is an experience to drive. However, its power is only matched by the atmosphere of its interior. The list of features is endless and it can be hard to pick a favorite. Thankfully, our team at Joe Rizza Acura can help you out if you are looking to purchase an Acura ILX. Our experienced staff members know the ins and outs of every vehicle on the lot and are happy to help you make the best possible choice. We are the trusted car dealership in the Orland Park, IL area.

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