Key Differences in an Acura RLX

August 22nd, 2018 by

When you’re looking for luxury packed with performance, you look no further than the Acura RLX. While this is certainly the standout reason to pick one of these amazing cars up, there a few changes from Acura’s regular offerings that make it an even sweeter deal than ever.

While Acura tends to stick to some key things throughout all its models, the RLX has a few exceptions to the rule in several areas.

Exterior Changes

The Acura is great to look at outside and features a lot of new stylings you will not commonly find on Acura vehicles. While usually focused on practicality over looks, the RLX is defined by its body. The RLX also sits lower to the ground than most Acura offerings, and it’s “Jewel Eye” LED headlights are unique to it alone. They are a sight to behold in at night, where they almost glimmer. To set it further apart, it also sports 19-inch wheels that feature a unique design.

Powertrain Choices

A big standout features as well it’s the Acura RLX’s powertrain choices that it has available. Two versions are made available. The RLX V6 P-AWS and the RLX Sport Hybrid. The Sport version comes with a combined horsepower of 377, this includes a 3-motor super handling AWD system. With a 7-speed dual clutch topping it all off, it leaves very little to be desired. The RLX P-AWD, on the other hand, uses a 3.5-liter V6, with 310 horsepower. Its precision all-wheel steering system makes the front wheel drive aspect of the car handle closer to a sports vehicle.

Interior Touches

The interior is very different from other Acura vehicles. The traditional shifter has been replaced with a nice flat electronic version. Contrast piping and leather heated seats are found throughout the entire interior, offering plenty of legroom. Some nice wood and aluminum accents add a lot of class to the whole look.

On top of this, it is packed full of features. Multi-Use displays and ELS Studio audio systems. In safety, you get features like collision braking, road departure mitigation, lane keeping assist and adaptive cruise control. All this comes standard on the Acura RLX, which makes its price point even more surprising.

While the Acura RLX was already a standout option before you weigh in on some of its finer details, once you do, it’s easy to see why so many are so in love with their Acura RLX.

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