How The Acura RDX Throws Back To The Carmaker’s Heritage

November 20th, 2018 by

One thing that classic Acura fans may remember is the fact that the carmaker has always made performance a priority, and now, it appears that the extensive redesign to the Acura RDX calls back to that heritage while making upgrades in a lot of other key areas as well. Here are some of the key ways that it is carrying through.

For one thing, the redesigned RDX is the first car to hit the market from Acura since it said that it would rebrand itself in order to bring performance, styling, and engineering together front and center in its marketing. By all accounts, it’s accomplished this goal. Acura says that in the first few weeks the RDX was on the market, 70% of the 2019 model’s sales were wheel-drive models. 50 percent of the general sales were the top-of-the-line A-Spec and Advance trims. Clearly, there’s an audience of people willing to pay top dollars for the promise of stronger performance. In addition, it’s also performing well with European customers.

Acura has said for the future, there may be Type-S variants and a hybrid model down the line for the RDX in 2020/2021. Acura General Manager Jon Ikeda notes that early sales figures for the RDX show the “pent-up” demand and “energy” surrounding the brand. Expect similar redesigns for other key Acura models down the road.

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