Features That Can Help You to Be a Safer Driver

August 22nd, 2018 by

When you consider the logistics of it, driving is terrifying, You are carrying some of the most precious cargo from place to place at fast speeds while other vehicles sharing the road are doing the same. Unfortunately, many people on the road do not prioritize safety. They will cut people off, speed, and do other reckless things that not only puts their life in danger, but everyone else’s as well. With this in mind, it is extremely important that you, as a driver, take precautions to be as safe as possible on the road. Vehicles are now coming equipped with features that can help enhance the safety of those driving.

Blindspot Protection

Blind spots are a main cause of many side-swept accidents. In many cases, someone will come into another lane without seeing the person in the blind spot, and this can cause a collision. Blind spot protection is an innovative technology designed to be another point of reference when driving. It is a sensor that can tell you when someone is in your blind spot so that you can be aware even without looking.

Side Cameras

In addition to the blind spot detection, some vehicles now come equipped with side cameras that activate when the driver turns their blinker on. When the driver turns the blinker on to switch lanes, a video image of the vehicle’s blind spot will appear on the front screen so that the driver will be able to see if someone is in the blind spot.


Many Acuras now come equipped with AcuraWatch. This is a safety feature unique to Acuras. It is a bundle of systems designed to best ensure the vehicle’s safety including forward-collision warning with automatic braking, lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, and road-departure mitigation.

If safety is important to you, then your vehicle should be equipped with the newest innovations to help ensure this safety.

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