Best Features for Growing Families

August 22nd, 2018 by

As your family grows, so do your car’s needs. No longer will the small and practical sedan get you where you need to go with everything in tow. After the first or second child, you may discover that you need to upgrade your vehicle in terms of both size and features. The following features are important to look for in your next vehicle, whether you currently have a growing family, or you are expecting to in the near future.

Adequate Room

Little people tend to take up a lot of space. From the time they are infants until they reach the proper weight, children are required to use a car seat, and no matter how small the child is, their seat often takes up more room than an adult. In addition, as the child gets older, the space may begin to fill with toys, electronics, and anything else necessary to keep them entertained on long rides, and this can take up a lot of space. It is important that you not only have enough seats to carry everyone where they need to go, but also enough room in the vehicle to fit each child with their seats and entertainment.

Trunk Space

In addition to the children and their seats, you will need room in the trunk to store any strollers, diaper bags, sports gear, or anything else that might be necessary when you get to your location. This extra trunk space can make a huge difference when you are trying to force everything into the vehicle necessary for the busy day ahead.

Easy To Clean Leather Seats

Every parent can agree that children are messy. They spill their food and drink, they forget to stomp their shoes clean before getting in the vehicle, they carry in sunscreen, dirt, and chlorine when they sit on your nice clean seats. Children can be very messy. When you have a carload of them multiple times a day, it is important that the parts in your car exposed to them can be easily cleaned.

The Acura RDX boasts these features and more, all perfect for families of any size.

If you believe an Acura is the best option for your next new family vehicle come by Rizza Acura today to test drive a RDX. To learn more about the Acura RDX, be sure to contact us by calling 800-952-7697 today.

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