What Does Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®) with Traction Control Offer Drivers?

Vehicle Stability Assist

Vehicle Stability Assist is designed to keep you stable for those moments when you accidentally take a turn too quickly or need extra traction for slippery travel conditions. The feature keeps you safe in Tinley Park through managing your engine output and applying brakes as needed. The technology comes with a variety of components:

  • Automatic Start: Every time you start your Acura engine, the VSA safety feature will automatically turn on. The technology won’t engage unless there is a need, but from the moment you start your car, you're protected.
  • Continuous System Monitoring: Using an array of sensors, your VSA system will monitor a full range of performance stats, including yaw rate, throttle position, wheel speeds, vehicle speeds, lateral G-force, and steering angle. With this information, the system will pinpoint when to engage and keep you safe.
  • Quick Response: In many cases with VSA, the instability is corrected before the driver notices the issue. The technology was designed to be subtle and proactive while on the road.
  • Activation Indicator: When your VAS system engages, you’ll see an Activation Indicator blink on your dashboard under your speedometer. The symbol will look like be a triangle with an exclamation point in the middle.
  • System Indicator: If your VSA experiences any issues, a system indicator will light up and stay visible until the problem is resolved. The indicator will simply be “VSA” located near the gear symbols on your dashboard.
  • Restart to Reset: If you notice your System Indicator light up, safely pull to the side of the road and restart your engine. This starts a system reset process that should resolve the issue. Remember, the indicator does flash when the ignition is turned on initially.
  • VSA Off Switch: When you want a little more individual control, feel free to turn off the VSA using the VSA Off Switch located under the left vent. After successfully disengaging the feature, the VSA Activation Indicator will stay on to remind you.
  • Over and Under Steer Detection: When you are in danger of over or under steering, VSA will jump in, reduce torque, and apply brakes to individual wheels to eliminate instability.

While VSA will help keep you safe on the roads, you are still responsible for taking corners at reasonable speeds and driving safely overall.

A Note About Tire Sizes

A Note About Tire Sizes

VSA with Traction Control is an incredible advanced safety feature in Acura vehicles, but to get the most out of the application, you’ll need to pay close attention to your tires:

  • Replacement Tires: Take note of the original tire size and make sure any replacement tires are the same size as the original. The VSA applications may malfunction if you choose a different tire size.
  • Deactivate for Compact Spares: Your Acura will come with a compact spare tire for emergencies. While this tire is completely usable, keep in mind it is not the same size as your original tires, so deactivate the VSA system using the VSA Off Switch mentioned earlier.
  • Winter Tires: As with your replacement tires, you should take care to ensure your winter tires are also the same size as your original tires. Your VSA is calibrated using the original tire size, which is why selecting the right tire is important.

Cars That Use Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®) with Traction Control

Cars That Use Vehicle Stability Assist

In Naperville, you can find a range of Acura vehicles with VSA:

  • 2017 Acura ILX: The Acura ILX gives you a sophisticated look with snappy speeds and VSA helps keep you grounded on those back roads curves.
  • 2016 Acura TLX: The TLX specializes in a luxurious experience enhanced with comfortable stability and dependable traction.
  • 2016 Acura RLX: When an elite driving experience is on your mind, the RLX’s VSA will keep your drive stable and comfortable.
  • 2017 Acura RDX: Take curves with confidence in the RDX SUV as well as any off-roading terrain.
  • 2016 Acura MDX: On winding byways and unpredictable city roads, you’ll stay level no matter how heavy your cargo.
  • 2017 Acura NSX: Push yourself and your car to the limits knowing you have advanced safety technology to match your sporty speed.

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