Acura RLX Gives You Exceptional Safety

March 11th, 2019 by

Driving can be a somewhat stressful activity due to the sheer number of things that you need to pay attention to while on the road. You have to watch out for your own vehicle, other vehicles around you, and any other possible incoming threats that may occur.

It is simply too much for one person to handle on their own, so for many of us with older vehicles lacking onboard technology, we are taking a chance while we drive and hoping that nothing will go wrong when we are not paying attention to certain areas. However, as we have all seen before, it only takes a second for a dangerous situation to develop, which is why the Acura RLX is loaded with fantastic safety technology that can be your eyes on the road.

The RLX manages to make things like reversing out of your driveway exceptionally safer thanks to the Surround-View Camera, which uses multiple camera angles to provide a complete view of the area surrounding the vehicle. If you still manage to get too close to an object, then the front and rear parking sensors will let you know with a series of beeps.

Even low-speed situations like traffic jams can create plenty of opportunities for fender benders to happen. That is why the RLX has useful features like Traffic-Jam Assist, which can keep your car centered in your lane and handle the acceleration and braking to keep you in sync with the traffic ahead. If your vehicle ever needs to come to a complete stop, then the RLX is capable of applying the brakes until it detects that it is time to accelerate again.

If for some reason you ever try to make a lane change without checking your blind spots first, the Blind Spot Information System will be able to alert you of any obstacles preventing a safe lane change from occurring.

Do not let you or your loved ones’ safety be put into the hands of chance and instead get the Acura RLX, which will use its plethora of technology to help keep you safe at all times. Come visit one of our amazing team members at Joe Rizza Acura to get your dream vehicle today.

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