3 Conditions in which Financing a car is Better than Leasing it

June 21st, 2018 by

Deciding between whether one wants to finance their new vehicle or lease it is often a difficult decision to make. The question on everyone’s mind when they go to visit a Lincoln dealership in Chicago is which method is financially smarter.

The answer to this question is not straightforward and it depends greatly on a person’s lifestyle and goals. Leasing a vehicle can be better for individuals who do not have a lot of money on hand or for drivers who like to switch their vehicle often.

However, financing a vehicle can be better in these three situations:

1.Long Drives

If individuals like going on long drives then it is much better to finance their vehicle. When one leases a vehicle, there are often conditions set on how much a person can drive their car on a monthly or yearly basis. Drivers are often fined for the extra mileage they put on the car. If a person loves driving for fun, or if a person has to cover a long commute to work, then it may be a much better idea to go with the financing one’s vehicle instead.

When one finances their vehicle, there are absolutely no limitations on how much they can use it or how long they can drive it for.


Drivers who lease their vehicle also have to pay for any damages that the interior or exterior of the vehicle suffers; even if it’s scratched paint or spilled coffee. When a driver turns their car in at the end of the term they have to pay for the damage they caused. If a person has small children or if they are not particularly good at keeping things clean, then it is definitely a good idea to finance a car instead of leasing it in order to avoid the extra fines.


The third reason an individual should consider financing is that when one finances their automobile, they are giving monthly installments to pay off the total cost of the car. In a few years, the vehicle can be paid off and then individuals do not have to pay any additional expense except for gas and car insurance.

Financing a vehicle is best for those individuals who like going on long drives, who have a tendency to make their car messy, and for those who are looking to own their vehicle as an end goal. Leasing a vehicle can also be beneficial, but if one has the money to give a down payment and afford the extra amount that has to be paid every month, then they should opt for financing instead.