3 Businesses to Start with your Car

June 20th, 2018 by

When one goes to a luxury car dealer in Orland Park to purchase their new vehicle they have to put a lot of money down on the table to make the automobile their own. Whether they are buying it with cash, financing it, or even leasing it, they have to part with a fair chunk of money.

It takes a lot of discipline and saving to get to the point that one is able to purchase a vehicle. However, many people do not consider how big of an asset a vehicle can really be. Of course, it’s obvious that owning a vehicle will save one the time and money required to deal with public transportation and taxi services, however, automobiles can actually be an additional source of income as well.

Here are three businesses to start with one’s vehicle.


The first option is to offer delivery services. There are many small businesses that require larger merchandise such as TVs to be shipped from one place to the other. If individuals have purchased a vehicle with significant cargo space, then they can easily apply for these delivery jobs and use their vehicle to earn some extra money.

If one doesn’t have that much cargo space, it is perfectly fine because many people need their groceries and other smaller items delivered to them as well.


Uber is a great way to use one’s new vehicle because one can work on their own time and earn good money at the same time. The best part about Uber is that there are no real start-up costs. If a person is ready to start making a side income, all they have to do is download the app and get driving.

3. Personal Driver

There is always the option of becoming a personal driver for a few families. There are many kids that have to use public transport to get to their recreational clubs and other activities. These families could really benefit from a reliable driver. Putting up an ad as a personal driver can be a good way to turn one’s vehicle into an extra source of financial aid.

A vehicle may be expensive to purchase but in reality, when one buys a vehicle they are making a major investment. A vehicle is an asset and it can be utilized further by turning it into a source of income. One can use their vehicle to go out and make deliveries, to drive around for Uber, or even to be a personal driver for a few set customers.